Veterans RE-uniting And Coming Home

Providing "Welcome Home" Reunion training for our Veterans and their families!

What is Reunion Training? Resources and services which help ease the stress and tension associated with return from overseas separation.

Why is Vet-REACH different? Peer-assisted training is the sharing of experiences from returnees. It's designed to explain the good, bad and the ugly of what could arise after homecoming. 


How does it work? Vet-REACH puts a human face on reunion stress. Isolation, self-medication with alcohol or drugs, which can lead to depression; running away from feelings; unexplained anger. Many of us have lived through some of this.

Vet-REACH will talk about things you won't hear at the mandatory briefing, and we will listen to you. We will strongly encourage our attendees to talk with each other, and take advantage of onsite professional counselors.


a 501c3 Nonprofit



Vet-REACH: RE-uniting And Coming Home

29 Montelago Blvd

Unit 436

Henderson, NV  89011


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