Update 19 August 2018

Vet-REACH held its first Board meeting in two weeks yesterday, 18 Aug 2018. 

Two of our members had a medical situation the week before which prompted the cancellation of the meeting 12 Aug 2018.

During yesterday's meeting, our Secretary/Treasurer, Rich Lopez, stated that the Vet-REACH fund had been increased by $130, through a reimbursement from work. This money would be immediately transferred to our Chairperson, Sharon W., for use toward our business license and Articles of Incorporation.

Vet-REACH had spent some time looking into some vacant land which was partially developed as a possible site for our retreat facility. We soon found that the land had just been purchased two weeks ago by a development company for an unknown amount of money. Work and research will continue on finding other options for our mountain retreat location. As of this meeting, we are looking at a veterans retreat in the Mt. Charleston area.

Vet-REACH has reached over 5500 persons on Facebook, and has over 65 likes. The Vet-REACH group sits at 49 members.

We have an in-person meeting scheduled for next Sunday in Southern California.