8 Sep 2018

   Vet-REACH held its first face to face Board Meeting since its inception on 22 Jun 2018! Many thanks to Black Bear Diner for their hospitality, great food and service! We'll see you all again!

   As reported last week, Vet-REACH reached its initial goal of $1000 ($1030 to be exact) through our GoFundMe effort! The last $600 came by way of an anonymous donor. 

   The funds raised from this donation purchased our initial set of business cards, which were exchanged today. 

   The next step in the process is to secure our IRS Employer Identification Number. Once that is received, we will submit our Articles of Incorporation and business license applications to the State of Nevada. 

   While we are waiting for Nevada to approve our license, we will begin filling our Federal 501(c)3 Non-profit entity status.

   Vet-REACH will also be developing our Letterhead, and purchasing stationery and postage. 

    Vet-REACH will be finalizing our Introduction Letter, which will go out to all Nevada, California and Arizona businesses, letting them know about Vet-REACH and its mission, vision and services.