New Email! 29 Jul 2018




Update 4 Aug 2018

            We at Vet-REACH are pleased to share that our GoFundMe page has received several donations this week, totaling over $300! Only a week (plus a few days), and we’re already almost a 1/3 of the way to reaching our goal of $1000!

            We have used the funds to start our first email account for the vet-reach site,!  We are also working on our first set of business cards.

            In her dealings with local figures in the southern Nevada area, our Chairperson Sharon Walling, has found a few opportunities to share our nonprofit idea. We are confident that the ability to hand out business cards in conjunction with our contacts will further help us spread the word!

            We have adopted our Official First Logo!  

The color yellow represents clarity, positivity, and energy. The circle represents wholeness, timelessness and eternity. The imperfections and twists in the circle represent the challenges we all face when separated from our loved ones, whether by deployment or otherwise. This combination illustrates the process of bringing our returning soldiers and airmen home to their families and their stateside lives. It also speaks to the difficulties faced by family members left behind while their loved ones are off on deployment, whether for combat, fire or other extended travel in austere or dangerous locales.

Of course, there is still much to be done. Please continue to share our site with those in your friend circles and your families. Our message and vision for Vet-REACH will become reality sooner with the continued support, and word-of-mouth advertising!

Look for us on Facebook, @vetreach2018, Twitter @orgvet, on Instagram @vetreach2018,and now on Pinterest, @vet-REACH.

And please don’t forget our new email,


Welcome Home!