who we are


Rich Lopez 

   As Gulf war and Iraq War veterans, my spouse and I both experienced the effects of serving in austere locations, war zones, and the after-effects upon our return home to friends and family.


   Of the biggest setbacks our warriors and their families face are feelings of isolation, regret, etc., even with a solid support system in place through friends, family and service. There is depression, resentment, anger, rage...While reunion briefings and family support centers are helpful with returning soldiers adjust to life back at home, it’s often not enough.

   Vet-REACH was founded with all of this in mind. Vet-REACH aims to combine activities, counseling and support to families and their warriors throughout the deployment process; pre-deployment, during deployment and post-deployment. Because the simplest of activities can create conflict and stress to the returning warrior, a family's awareness of the sensitivities of the warrior will help in the reunion process. Likewise, awareness on the part of the warrior of the strength of their families during the separation can be perceived incorrectly (by the warrior) that the family has moved on--that the warrior is no longer an essential part of the family unit. Of course, this is furthest from the truth!

   Vet-REACH aims to mitigate those perceptions and emotions; to help warriors and families find ways to work through the trauma, anxiety and stress of the entire deployment process.

   Serving our country in uniform is one of the highest and most noble of American virtues. Our warriors, and the families who let them serve deserve all the support they can get. 

   Please join us in providing the care, comfort and a welcome home we All have earned in the service our nation.