4 Dec 2018


   Vet-REACH Founding Board met in person in Las Vegas last weekend on 2 Dec. 

   Discussion included a fee increase in our State Articles of Incorporation, which has been paid, but also delayed our progress. We remain in waiting for our certification.

   But our time together did not go to waste! We met with a chaplain from Nellis Air Force Base, and were also able to sit in on Monday's Reintegration Training! We met with the event coordinator and a few of the speakers, all of whom look forward to working with more as we progress.

   Toward that effort, we've begun a new GoFundMe campaign. Funds raised will go toward brochures, presentation folders, and other necessary materials Vet-REACH will use to meet with local businesses. We will have the opportunity to introduce ourselves to them in person and by mail, and hope to gain support for our men and women in uniform moving forward.

   For a link to our page, just copy and paste the following in your browser:


   Thank you all and Welcome Home!