Our Mission is to provide relief to returning warriors from stress and trauma of deployment life to peace of normal life back home. We do this by inviting our heroes and their families to an all-expenses-paid three-day, two-night retreat at the Resort on Mount Charleston, outside Las Vegas Nevada.


   Throughout their visit, our focus will be exploring and identifying the subtler—yet damaging—trauma experienced by all warriors in the field. Specific situations will be addressed and discussed, followed by strategies we can all use to help mitigate the effects of separation and war.

   There will be reunion/reintegration training, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) awareness, and suicide prevention training. 

   By providing these seminars, classes and activities, Vet-REACH will help smooth the rough edges associated with homecoming, experienced by many, yet acknowledged by few.


   Vet-REACH will complement the military’s reunion process through immediate rest and relaxation and individual and family counseling.

   There are many ways to thank a veteran for his or her service. Providing some rest and relaxation away from the home, coupled with counselling and activities, builds resilience. Our program will reduce and prevent domestic violence incidents, alcohol and drug abuse, and even suicide.

   Vet-REACH would like to provide our returning heroes and their families more than just a "Welcome Home."