Playing the Waiting Game

We are almost through with February 2019! It is amazing how quickly time can pass; similarly, the waiting game is just no fun!

Vet-REACH filed our Articles of Incorporation (AOI) with the state of Nevada over three months ago, and we are still waiting for the AOI certification and license so we may being the next step: submitting a Federal 501c3 application and begin soliciting sponsorship and donations from Nevada businesses.

While we have been primarily idle during this hurry up and wait, some progress has been made. it wasn't an intentional move, but we took the holidays (through Superbowl Sunday! off, and met in Las Vegas last week to discuss our class and events schedule, and start work on our presentation folders.

Our presentation folders are a series of portfolios which Vet-REACH will distribute to businesses and charitable organizations for our sponsorship pitch. Our prospective sponsors will find information on the resort, the class and events, and information on how they can help.

Once the folders are complete, we can work with a local printer for production, and will then work toward setting meetings with the Business Development departments of Las Vegas businesses.

I had a teleconference last week with a mentor, who offered advice and feedback on our introduction letter, presentation folders, and other items. We also discussed some of the sponsorship and partnering opportunities with which Vet-REACH can connect.

We are doing our very best to keep this ball rolling, preparing for the big day when our AOI is approved, and we can be the huge task of building the capital needed to launch this venture in a way that will have an impact on our valley.

Thank you, and Welcome Home!

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