Weekly Board Meeting

Updated: Sep 9, 2018

Thank you all for visiting our blog! Vet-REACH is working toward bringing our dream to life, and we are one step closer!

We met via Skype this past Sunday. S. Walling, Stacey and Rich were all present.

After reading and adopting the minutes from the previous meeting, we updated our financials. As of 5 Aug, we have over $300 in donated funds through our GoFundMe page. We are still working hard to get the word out, and hope that people respond.

We pledged to work harder at getting the word out through our various social media platforms. I will provide twice weekly updates on the happenings in and around the Vet-REACH process, and will also be including stories from other returning veterans about their integration back into the world.

Vet-REACH is still working on our letter of introduction. We are hoping that the timing of this letter's completion coincides with our upcoming nonprofit status. We will then use the letter as a fundraising mechanism to encourage local businesses, hotels, and casinos, to donate to the cause.

Finally, we had our weekly 15-minute brainstorming session. We use this 15 minutes to dream our dreams, big and small. Last week I (Rich) began to think about some of our best camping trips in and around Las Vegas. They occurred up in and around Mount Charleston and the Toiyabe National Forest.

During one of our last trips out there (back in 2005), I remembered that a golf course, pavilion and recreation center had been built along Kyle Canyon Road, near the Mount Charleston Hotel. It didn't pan out, and the land, structures, parking lots and golf course lay barren, and completely scarred the area around the hotel.

My idea is that this property could be the perfect place for our Vet-REACH Retreat! There is a hotel and restaurant right next door, a church nearby, a horseback riding company that rides across the way, and the entire Toiyabe National Forest in our midst! The old Rec Center included a snack bar, so I'm sure that can easily be converted into a kitchen. The old golf course can be converted into a hiking and/or disc golf course. I even got some very rough figures involving the building of a 50 room, two story motel complex for around $11M. I believe that if we can find the right contributors, we can raise that kind of capital, and this could become reality!

S. Walling responded that a lady who lives in the Mount Charleston area is a realtor. She and S. Walling know each other from their weekly bible study. S. Walling could find out through the realtor who the land owner is, and whether or not the land is available for sale, use or donation. S. Walling went on to share the importance of dreams and the providence of God by sharing the dream of the woman who founded Lake Mead Christian Academy in Henderson. She started out with two modular classrooms. Over the years, she expanded to a full school, and now, a high school across the street!

So Anything is possible! We are working and dreaming here at Vet-REACH, and we hope you all continue to work and dream too.


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