Weekly Update

26 Aug 2018.

Vet-REACH held our weekly board meeting today. Though we had no income increase from our GoFundMe page, we have added a few numbers to our FB site, and the FB Vet-REACH group site. We are growing slowly. In the coming days, Vet-REACH will do another boost to the FB site, and share some of the stories we've heard from co-workers about their deployment experiences and how they affected their homecoming and transition back from the warzone.

The board also discussed ideas for land options for Vet-REACH's retreat location. Several Southern Nevada sites were discussed, including the vacant Jean correctional facility. One of the hopes of Vet-REACH is that we can find some land with an existing structure which can be easily renovated to suit our needs.

Work on the Articles of Incorporation continue, as does our work toward our business license and nonprofit status. Once we complete those important tasks, we can begin to reach out to Southern Nevada businesses, veterans' organizations and other philanthropists for help, advice, and cooperation in making this dream a reality.

We thank all of our followers, subscribers, friends and family, for taking this journey with us!

Welcome home!

R. Lopez

26 Aug 2018

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