Great Week for


   It has been a whirlwind week for us at Vet-REACH!  We are working on our first press release, and are talking with the Las Vegas Review Journal, KLAS TV Channel 8 News, and 13 Action News. 

   Vet-REACH is preparing a partnership with a mountain Retreat, who has expressed great interest in hosting our events, and in partnering with Vet-REACH to provide an R&R experience unlike any other in the Las Vegas area.

   We will provide two-night, three-day stays to up to five veterans And their families! Rooms, meals and non-alcoholic drinks paid for by Vet-REACH!


   We are looking forward to a three-day event with activities including horseback riding,* hiking, live entertainment, and more! 

   Vet-REACH will also provide morning Post-deployment Reintegration Training, PTSD Awareness Training, and other insightful classes and sessions. It is all designed to smooth the transition from the war front to the home front for our veterans And their families!

   Please check back often and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as we continue to work toward bringing Vet-REACH to life!

   Thank you all, and Welcome Home!