3 Sep 2018

Vet-REACH received an anonymous donation of $600 on our GoFundMe page, www.gofundme.com/vetreachorg. 

Our foundation will now move on to Phase II. We shall start by submitting our state and federal nonprofit status applications, business license and Articles of Incorporation. 

The second step is a large-donor fundraising campaign. Through a combination of mailings, local and social media releases, we hope to gain the support of local hotels, casinos and other Nevada/California businesses to help achieve our goal of a state of the art rest and recreation facility for veterans and their families.


The services our retreat will provide will be like any other R&R facility; but the programs and activities will also include group meetings, reunion and separation awareness training and counselling, and emotional health services through qualified psychologists, psychiatrists and medical staff. 

Vet-REACH will hopefully provide all accommodations and services Free of Charge.

Please continue to follow us at 

www.vet-REACH.org we proceed to this important level of outreach. You can also follow us on Facebook @vetreach2018, on Twitter @orgvet, and Instagram, at vet-reach.

If you have any questions, or would like more information, please contact us at

702-334-2193, or via email at info@vet-reach.org

Thank you and Welcome Home!